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My Ex Lied About Paternity. What Can I Do About It?

Fathers and alleged fathers throughout the United States often find themselves in challenging positions regarding the family court systems. In particular, paternity tends to be a very contentious issue. In some cases, a father may need to legally establish the paternity of their child to assert their paternal rights. In others, alleged fathers may need to request court-ordered paternity tests to disprove paternity and avoid financial responsibility for children who are not biologically theirs. Unfortunately, many men have found themselves in the difficult position of realizing that the children they believed to be theirs were the biological children of other


Possible Situations that Require Family Court Order Modification for Fathers

Fathers often feel inherently disadvantaged in the family court system, but this often happens because they are unaware of the systems in place that they can use to secure fairer, more reasonable, and more tenable family court orders. If you are a recently divorced father and believe that any element of your family court order is unfair, imbalanced, or untenable in the long term, you still have options. The modification process can allow you to change your family court order in a timely manner. The modification process is fairly straightforward, and approved changes are implemented almost immediately. If you have


Parenting Advice for Divorced Dads

If you are a divorcing father, there is one thing you must remember—you will not ruin your child’s future with your divorce. In fact, if you and your spouse are currently in an unhealthy relationship, separation and divorce are in the best interests of both yourself and your children. However, your worries are understandable, as your children are the most important thing in your life. With careful consideration and hard work on your part, you and your ex-spouse can still create a prosperous future for your children from separate households. Lead By Example The effects of different parenting styles on


Most Common Mistakes Fathers Make in Divorce Proceedings

Fathers have historically faced many challenges in family courts throughout the United States. While attitudes toward the traditional parental roles of mothers as caregivers and fathers as breadwinners are changing rapidly across the country, many divorcing fathers still feel disadvantaged in divorce proceedings. If you are a father preparing to divorce, it is essential to know your rights and what to expect from your proceedings. It is also vital to know the common mistakes that many fathers make that leave them disadvantaged in their divorce proceedings. Every divorce case is unique, and every divorcing father will face different challenges during


Can an Unwed Father Fight for Child Custody?

It’s not uncommon for fathers to feel disadvantaged in family court proceedings, especially when it comes to securing custody rights over their children. Family courts in the US have traditionally sided with mothers due to the long-standing belief that mothers are inherently better caregivers, while fathers are more suited to earning money for their children. These stereotypes are starting to fade from public consciousness, and courts across the country are acknowledging the fact that fathers are just as capable parents as mothers. However, this does not change the fact that many fathers feel isolated and uncertain about their legal options


Can a Divorced Father Renegotiate a Child Custody Agreement?

Men in the United States have historically faced more difficulty in the family court system than women when it comes to securing custody rights of their children. Unfortunately, long-standing tropes concerning the roles of men and women as parents continue to influence family court decisions throughout the Midwest and the rest of the US. It’s not uncommon for fathers in family court to feel inherently disadvantaged. All fathers should know that the trend of bias against fathers in family court is waning, and courts across the country are now more willing to recognize fathers as just as capable parents as


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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Strategies For Military Family Law

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