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5 Tips for Preparing a Father’s Custody Case

When it comes to your rights as a father, determining and solidifying your custody rights is extremely important, especially in a custody battle. Between primary custody, child support, and simple visitation schedules, the legal process can seem overwhelming. Your children are extremely important to you and taking care of them is part of being a father. To ensure that you have a successful custody case, proper preparation, along with understanding your case, is the easiest way to ensure you properly advocate for your parental rights in court. What Is Paternity? Traditionally determined by DNA testing, paternity is used as a


Family Law FAQs for Fathers

Many types of cases unfold in the family court system. If you face any type of legal matter involving your marriage, your children, or extended family members, the case will likely proceed through family court. Unfortunately, fathers have generally felt disadvantaged in family court proceedings over the past several decades, especially in divorce and child custody cases. Long-standing biased beliefs have influenced family court decisions against many fathers over the years. For example, many fathers lost custody of their children in divorce simply because they believed fathers should be breadwinners and mothers should be caregivers. Attitudes regarding parental roles have


Alternative Dispute Resolution FAQs for Divorcing Fathers

Approaching the family court system for a divorce as a father can be incredibly daunting. Historically, family court systems in the US have downplayed the roles of fathers and the importance of fatherly influence in children’s lives, and many US fathers feel inherently disadvantaged in family court proceedings. While attitudes regarding parental roles have shifted significantly in recent years, it is understandable for any father to feel uncertain about their impending divorce, especially regarding custody disputes. If you are a father preparing for divorce, it’s essential to know what to expect and the potential benefits that alternative dispute resolution could


Advantages of Legal Counsel for Divorcing Fathers

Fathers often feel inherently disadvantaged in the family courts of the United States, especially when it comes to divorce. For years, fathers have contended with outdated tropes and stereotypes, many of which have inhibited fathers from securing custody rights for their children or led to incredibly one-sided divorce orders in financial terms. Today, modern family courts are more aligned with maintaining fairness before outdated misconceptions about the roles of fathers and mothers in marriage. Despite this shift in attitudes, it is still essential for a father preparing for divorce to do everything they can to improve their legal situation as


How Does Mediation Benefit Divorcing Fathers?

Fathers often feel as if they experience an inherent disadvantage in the family court system. For many years, fathers were often overlooked as parents, and mothers overwhelmingly won custody over their children. While the law may still seem to side with mothers in divorce, attitudes concerning fathers’ rights have shifted significantly in recent years. Now, modern fathers facing divorce proceedings have more support than ever before. If you are a father bracing for divorce in the Midwest, it’s essential to know your rights and the legal options available to you for streamlining your divorce. One of the most popular methods


What Is Paternity Fraud?

Fathers face many significant challenges in the family court system of the United States. Every father and every alleged father need to know their rights when it comes to establishing paternity. Unfortunately, paternity fraud is widespread in the United States and worldwide, causing many men to believe they are fathers of children who are not their biological children. In some cases, a mother may wholeheartedly believe that an alleged father is the biological father of her child and makes an honest mistake with tragic consequences. In other cases, biological mothers knowingly lie about paternity for some benefit, typically to secure


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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