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Tips for Divorcing Fathers Looking for Legal Representation in Family Law

It is no secret that fathers and men have been disadvantaged in the family court systems due to long-standing beliefs about men and women’s roles as parents. Though things are changing, tragically, many men facing divorce and child custody cases resign themselves to the idea that the court will never side with them, no matter what the evidence and facts may indicate. Today’s family court systems have started to recognize this disparity. Lawmakers are now acknowledging that men deserve the same rights as women in the family court system. If you are a father who will soon be divorcing, know


Important Steps for All Divorcing Fathers to Take When Fighting for Child Custody

It is understandable that many divorcing fathers in the United States feel hopeless and distraught as they begin divorce proceedings. For many generations, the ongoing social stigmas facing men in the family court system have gone unchallenged. Now, many fathers across the country are fighting for their rights and challenging long-standing beliefs about the gender roles of women as more adept caregivers than men. It’s natural for men to feel disadvantaged in family court proceedings because family courts have traditionally ruled against fathers, even in light of evidence establishing them as the more suitable parents in a divorce case. Thankfully,


Building Your Case for Custody as a Father

It’s perfectly natural for fathers to feel incredibly daunted with the prospect of fighting for child custody. Fathers in the United States have historically been overlooked and undervalued in family court hearings, ultimately due to long-standing gender roles of mothers and caregivers and fathers as breadwinners. Today, we know that fathers are just as capable as mothers when it comes to raising children, and a good father who is fully capable of caring for his children has every right to fight for custody in divorce. Fathers still face an uphill battle when it comes to contesting child custody, as long-standing


How Does Joint Custody Work With a Newborn?

Child custody is an often-misunderstood area of family law. There are many pervasive myths and misconceptions that cause fathers to believe that the younger their child is, the less time they will likely get to spend with them after divorce. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have a newborn child together, it’s only natural to assume that the mother’s biological abilities to nurture the child would inherently predispose her to receive greater custody of the child in a divorce. While in the past, most courts would uphold mothers as primary caregivers and men have historically received fewer custody rights than


Common Misconceptions About Fathers’ Rights in Family Law

It’s widely believed that fathers are inherently disadvantaged when it comes to family court matters, particularly child support and child custody. While the family court system in the US has historically skewed in favor of mothers obtaining majority custody, this is not always the case, nor is it always in the best interests of the children involved in a divorce. Fathers who are divorcing and concerned about their future parenting rights should have a firm understanding of their rights in the family court system. An experienced family law attorney can help a father facing divorce build a strong case for


The Importance of a Paternity Test in Your Divorce Case

It is common for any father to feel uncertain about their biological links to their children, especially very young children in an unstable marriage that’s headed for divorce. If you are the alleged father of a child and you believe your marriage is headed for divorce, you should thoroughly investigate any doubts you may hold about the child’s alleged paternity. A paternity test could potentially spare you significant financial burden in the future and also ultimately benefit the child by providing a clear link to their actual biological father. In most states, the court establishes paternity in divorce cases when


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